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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i am so full and sleepy !

this morning i had a presentation during a lecture about GI glycemic index, and i found that many of my coursemates are potential nutritionists as they explained very welll and very convincing .. until i planned to have low GI diets today .. unfortunately ..
i failed to follow.

1st i had my lunch as nasi goreng kampnung, definitely nasi is HIGH GI food.

then im not satisfied. and my coursemate ordered a cheese naan .. oh nooo .... i luv cheese but not naan... but not too bad too ...

now im biting jagung and having 2nd kampai extra on my hand .. uuuhhh ...

i can feel the glucose is attacking my blood...

but my brain does not receive any glucose as energy  .. or saturated .. as i feel so sleepy now ..


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