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Sunday, December 26, 2010

i want my hands back !

Don't doubt. This is a hand of 20's young girl .. unfortunately, it's hard to convince ..

 But the hand tells, it has been worked hard .. for 4 month ++ of undergrad's thesis mix the dough, to knead, to culture the yeasts, to bake, to cut, to slice, to sterilize ... all have been marked on the hand ..

Finally, the work loads are getting reduced ~ yeepieEe ~~
& to bring it back to look and touched like 20's .. or ... emm ... 3 years old ? hehehe .. i wish i could ..

i need "them" ~~ lalala ..

left: the hand cream 
right : the whitening body lotion
i shall claim these from my sv as he promised .. wuakakaka
In fact, i don't realize even my body get darken .. sob sob .. until my friends reminded me last night :~~~~~~~~ wuuaaAAargghhhhhhhhhh ............ because I have UV since AM to PM !!!


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