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Monday, December 20, 2010

20122010 , the 1st day of the Last


today is the 1st day of the semester, my feeling is just like a kindergarten kid who never wants to wake up in the early morning, frustrating and mad on my bed... crying, shouting, screaming on my bed ... muummmyyy i dont want to go to school .. i have fever .....i don't want to take schoolbus ................wuuaaaaaaaaaa :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .....

This is how I feel now ...
in fact,i was going to campus everyday since 3 months ago ... so Im actually willing to go but not willing to have lecture ?  or I prefer having lecture but not sitting for exam ???? OMG! maybe Im just fall in love doing lab .... but never a research life... doing lab is like a machine, just to work out and get the result. but for research, there are more works behind : what data is logic, acceptable, why failed, what is the error, what are the factors that influencing... why yesterday I got data X but today it becomes data Y ..  inconsistency, unpredicted outcome  etc ... that's research , and it is not my favourite... i'm doing my lab, getting data, analyse and i used to push all these problems of research to my sv .. and then end of my job ...... muahaha ...

a good title does not mean a good life,
but a good supervisor definitely makes your life not too worse and
a  good groupmate aids your works run smoother ...

a groupmate will know how tough is our work;
a groupmate will bully supervisor together with you;
a groupmate will take turn with you to entertain the staffs;
a groupmate will be asked by other lecturers where is her friend when you are not together with her;
a groupmate will influence you to do evil things e.g. to push others to hell and drag them back;
a groupmate will be with you being given "lectures" by grandpa, where he never talks to the rest or his "children";
a groupmate will help you to reply others when you are doing your work and you are unable to talk;
a groupmate will be very clear when you blurred;
a groupmate will assist you to work when you cannot split yourself but you have to;
a groupmate will always scold you and ask you not too close with her so that others won't jealous;
a groupmate will together with you to argue and fight with the supervisor;
a groupmate will always go to disturb lecturers one by one with you, merely to disturb the cute and funny lecturers.

if this is your groupmate, you may start to give your score.

a supervisor will always ask you do not need to work too hard but TRY;
a supervisor will listen to your problems, regardless study ,working , family or personal and he is ready to see you cry in front of him;
a supervisor will buy you foods, regardless the price;
a supervisor will reply your mail or sms with the crazy answers yet it always sounds funny e.g. when you text him not to monday blue and lazy he would reply you he is not too monday blue and he is quite hardworking maaaaaaaaaaaaa;
a supervisor will tell you his real stories, his family or trying to make story to make you laugh and tease him;
a supervisor will learn your slang and talk to you;
a supervisor will always ask you what are you doing, where are you, but he never grant what you want from him afterall.. he merely reply you with his cunning smiles;
a supervisor will always trying to stalk you and waiting you to complain to him and later he will dote on you;
a supervisor will always tells lies but he never knows sometimes he is not a good liar;
a supervisor will always irritate you then ask you not to frustrated;
a supervisor will always tells you that he wants to sleep more, he has no life, no time, he is tension, he is not lazy and he will inherit all these to you.
a supervisor will reply you to go back, sleep and not to continue your lab when you said papa i'm lazy dy ..i don't want to do lab ooooooo :~~~~~~~~~~ ( you shouldn't said Dr. i am lazy because Dr. will evaluate you and influence you mark but "papa" never.. hahahaa )

a student will bully her supervisor yet that is a kind of love expression all the time;
a student will always scream in front of her supervisor, argue, frustrated, cry, complain to him;
a student will always push her groupmate to work harder so that she will not getting lazy;
a student will blame her supervisor for everything;
a student will complain her supervisor in front of the other lecturers, in fact he is not too bad as she;
a student will never praise her supervisor in front of the others, as this will makes her supervisor even lesser life as all people will go for him;
a student will always ask her supervisor to buy her things, breakfast or lunch, gifts etc.;
a student will pull her groupmate to entertain the staffs whenever they have nothing to do.
a student will scream and shout in the lab when she and her friend getting crazy to do lab while others are having fun out there.


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