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Saturday, December 18, 2010


although every weekend was spending time in shopping malls but i bought nothing ... but once everything has finish at one time ... u gotta buy them all one shot .. it is killing
and where is the money comes from ? holiday is ended ! jobs gone money gone !!! omg !

i need to re-stock the following & going to do something to "re-furnish" myself..

1. series of skincare ! damn .. the stupid pimples on my face told me they are happy .. i need to get all types of skincares back ASAP! but they are at the most killing price .........

2. hair care > the curler ... my curler had spoiled since few weeks ago and it was irritated as i need to spend more time to get rid of the frizzy hair =.=

3. otherwise, i need to visit to my hair stylist. Another killing price shall be spend here ..

4.  deep cleansing + whitening facial treatment . I've forgot how long I did not apply mask on my face ..... i have no time !! ( ughh !!! i hate to use my sv's quote !!!! ) until the pimples warned me .... and everyday running between two buildings .. i have enough UV on my skin !

5. x'Mas present !! YEAH YEAH YEAH ! i wish to get .. atleast something .. anything ~~ was requesting my beloved papa & akong to send gift  .. haha.. expecting !


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