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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A great belated b'day celebration dinner with beloved Professor @ AlexisBSC

'd missed the birthday celebration for Prof on Friday's afternoon.. 
surprisingly was being invited to attend to the belated birthday celebration dinner @ Alexis, BSC ~

lolz ... I don't know most of them ... but definitely they are all super of the super seniors ~ 
how super ? i think.. 10 years elder =P

was late for the dinner, Prof has cut & served the recommended lamb cutlet ( well .. he is a meat scientist .. don't doubt with his recommendation ) while I was waiting for mine to come
Yeah ~ this is it !! IT WAS NICE ! 
This is the difference when you pay RM10 & RM 100
Well-done cooked yet juicy ~
the surprise came ~

he was satisfied 

chit-chat time ~
another part of the seniors attended ~ they were friendly .. 

my slice of cake ~ 
group photo ~ 
not so nice ....i need to get another copy frm the senior
was taken by the sweet senior .. you need to practice well ok ? haha
blurred yet I like ~ hahhaa .. 
prof not feeling well on the night as he ate a lots of unknown foods for few days ... 
his stomach was "internationalized" 
we pushed another guy away ... lolz.. pai seh aa 
but with no intention ya .. simply we are actually "the foreigner"
 how sweet ~ I like the night, enjoyed & appreciated =) 

back at 1 something .. & is going out at AM again ..although my sv not around .. Tomorrow my sv will be back & i will give him "punishment"" for run away .. haha .. stay tuned !


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