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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last semester, last month in 2010

without realizing that I have less than 5 hours to welcome the arrival of new semester ... OMG !!! WHERE IS MY HOLIDAY ???!!!!!!
sob sob sob ....................
why ......... some of the coursemates keep going back and return for few times during the sem break but we were going to lab7 days a week & this week was most terrible as I reached there when the sky still dark !!!!! arrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

X'mas is coming ~~  lalalalala ... feel guilty that I have been a long time did not contact with my schoolmates :~~~ too bad..  too busy to communicate ......... the passion is lesser ..

as my sv called me in the early morning.. he was shocked when I told that I was still doing my "works" ... in fact he knew it but now he has the addiction to stalk us ..& i screamed why didn't he buy breakfast !! haiyyaaaa ......

Since tomorrow will start lecture so the progress will slow down ... ughhh but since it's the X'mas week ~ i need a break &  relax  ... & I need to hv a discussion the week after Xmas !! I WANT CUTI!!!!!! but my sv thought im going home =.= .. yet I'm not that crazy .... thus I forced him to buy me x'Mas present... muahahaah ... to pay me back my HOLIDAYs ! im home sick severely ..

just confirmed to have my x'mas 2010 countdown date with my buddies ~ yahuuuu ...............


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