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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I have mild depression, perhaps

Some people ask me how frequent I update here, and what inspire me to blog . If you are good follower, you will notice my posts are quite random, can be neutral , can be extreme.

People who know me well then will know that, in fact, I said before in real life, I blog to channel my feeling , my thoughts, sharing words that I could not deliver verbally, I deliver in words.

Verbally, comes together with facial expressions, tones and body language would let you know my frustration or excitement instantly.

You interpret and judge me , through every single word, I put here.

This is subjective.

I am just emotional and when I can never tell verbally , it means I couldn't cope with it anymore. I would collapse .

Sometimes I just reluctant to go out, don't feel like going to see anyone, do not want to talk a single word, even my family worried that I have depression .

Perhaps ...


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