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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Nothing to Something

I still remember very well, the 1st week when I have to get the apparatus that I need to use for my thesis, and I was so naive to think that when I need to use this or that then only I go to take. AFter consulted seniors, they said get WHATEVER & more than enough the quantity you think you need to use.

THen ? I went to meet the person in-charge.

unfortunately, I did not get the things that I really wanted and the quantites were cut half ... ughh .....

& then , I went to cry to my sv again : omg ... dr .. I cant get thiss , that , and this too ... they said NO stock, FINISHED !!! no money to restock ...etc .. dept no money aaaaaaa ............ dr you buy this this this and this la.. you are RICH ...

how ridiculous ... =.="

but then the next week or next few days you will have surprise, everything are in the store room and you want 10x from the amount you wanted you can get it too.. but last night dept has no money to make purchase orders =.=

this is what we called M.I.R.A.C.L.E.

& a supervisor is not just a supervisor, the power of a supervisor, you never know.

Then, went to another lab. Again, I have nothing. I want fire, no fire. I want petri dish, no petri dish. I want chemicals, no chemicals. I want oven, no oven. I want sanitizer, no sanitizer. I want test tubes, no test tubes. d*mn...

But then good luck would come after some "efforts" and these people are really really helpful *hugs* ..... 

I still remember when I have penunu Bunsen, but I did not know how to refill & I made the gas leaked.... oh yeah ~ seniors , I did not burn the lab aaaa ~ I'm done now !! No worry ~

Slowly, the things were getting more and more and complete in my locker ~ huhuhu .... But the "slowly" did  really mean "slowly" .. it took more than 60 days ..

Nevermind ! As long as I got all the things I wanted, that's good enough, THANK GOD ~~~~~~~~~

As time goes by .. my works become more and more and more and Ihave lesser lessser and lesser time to finish the harder harder and harder works .

In the end, I have to push my sv to "let's have no life together" with me. He had to reach the lab daily earlier than me, but he can leave earlier too. I had tension, he had. I had no life, he had no too. isn't it fair enough .. ? hahaha ..

There was once when we need approval during weekend and we did not realize he cabut to hometown, in the phone,

I was asking : what r u doing at hometown ?
he : release tension ... ( =_____________=||| we were so speechless and we shouted in the phone .. then he laugh so loud at another side )

& now, I am officially FREED from the labworks ......yaaaaaahUuuuu ~~~~~~~~ as I cleaned up the locker... How touching was that ... to see the things that were "work so hard" to get ... and now they have to return to their original places ..

phiewss ~~~~~~~~~~~ bye bye Erlenmeyer flasks , beakers ~

 Another tough path shall start, I need a small break before it...  I need to sing ~~ waaaauuUuu~~~~~~ the coming Friday .. & the next week it's my turn to "return" some "dividen" for my sv's "investment" ...


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