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Friday, January 14, 2011

Top to toe

Yesterday I checked my bone density, the result is -0.03.

Today, the beauty therapist said my right arm and shoulder overworked, the muscle is hard and fats block a lot .

the shop

Later, I found that my right leg is bengkok and i have imbalance support from my feet, as I use left foot to support whole body and I cannot wear any heels more than 1 inch .

What is next ? or What are next ?

TOday went to a facial worths RM 300 ;
A hand whitening treatment worths RM 98 (i would say it works, because I can see my hand hairs clearer as my hands are fairer a bit ) ;
bought a dress and a belt ;

and now i am broke .

Next , tomorrow will go for hairdo .

Then, skincares restock.

And, the new clothings .

So, basically a festival would use all the money which you may spend for half year or 180 days .

Next week, will have to pay for reunion dinner and CNY dedications, followed by course dinner.

Money I love you and I hate you too.


Barbie @ eSter said...

we got kang tou voucher ma for facial ~~~

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