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Friday, January 28, 2011

The Food scientists reunion dinner 2011

A reunion dinner , the 1st time we went together at this last year last sem of our uni life ... together with the seniors at REstoran Min Heong, sgchua ... on last Tuesday ..

In fact we had a theme for the night, unfortunately, bad thing happened where we had a very sudden lecture replacement on the same day, which is as sudden as in the morning we were informed to replace but in the afternoon there was the lecture. PLan spoiled & we worried cant reach on time as senior had to leave earlier ... & in the end, the dresscode were not perfect ..

Gong Xi ~~ 恭喜发财 ~~~ FA Cai ~~

lou sang !!

Shark fin soup with crab meats
 chicken with dried scallop
the fish 
 fish maw with mushrooms and broccoli
fried rice
longan sweet soup
my coursemate had to serve .. hahaha 

  yam sing with longan !
after meal - the next table's chicken was fully dissected  
 ours = it was still a chicken ... the naked body chicken .. 
 things started go wong

photo session

 sei yeh x 10
 group of dark dresscode
 & the red
he is the most ANG

 WE ARE the RABBITS ~ yo 


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