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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Schedule is ON !

ughhh ..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Starting from tomorrow , or tonight, I am real really busy ............. huaarrrghhh

Tomorrow is a sale for early bird of a shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, so this time I shall grab ... as I said since last year until this year ,yet I haven't get them still ... =(

Saturday, my hairdo day ~~ Goodbye to my frizzy messy hair ....

Sunday , the bah kut teh day .. another outing days with the crazy ladies .. but there is a slight different, because I shall meet another 2 good and normal mates as well.. hahahaha !! We almost meet each other daily , passing by from or to the lab but we have no time to talk ... !!!! So you 2 better show up !

Next Monday , I've an appoinment with a facial house, yet I just realized that I couldn't have facial , since it might spoil my new hair.. muahahahah .... If possible I wanna change another day , somemore Monday I have lecture ... hopefully Skyman would tell that Wednesday we have no lecture ~~ huhuh ... since Thursday is a holiday too ~~ yay yAy ......

Therefore Tuesday might be the last day of the week, yet Tuesday will be another busy day too !! An lunch appointment with "people" have made since a long time ago ... & we can't wait to go too finally this day has come ... eheem..... some considerations still have to be taken... Invitations have to be sent out but .... some concerns are there ...  hopefully the good things would come ....

17 days to go home .... wuuu ~~~~~~~~~~~ I could hear that my sweet bed & aircon are calling me ..... haAarrrlloooo I miss youR ~


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