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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A lunch for beloved Dr.

Because he kept asking .. many times.. i said many, means it was really many .. honestly i don't know why he kept asking as I never know he requested ( i prefer he spends me more than I spend him.. hahaha .. I've informed him since earlier that I AM POOR ~ )  ,& since he kept rejected to go with us until we gave up .. lolss .... now we made his dream came true... we brought him to have lunch @ D'limau nipis , ikan bakar, at Seksyen 7 Bangi yesterday after the lecture with him .. yes , of course the students had to pay .....

before ... 

the 1st thing he said after we sat down: I am exhausted today .. ( with the pity expression )

@@ ......

we did not know what to say because we were too... he started wanted to be doted on ... before we started ours..

I have never been there so I did not know what to order after some time then only we got  the order ... Well the drinks are their signature drink which consists of the jelly, taste of limau and vanilla ice cream... I prefer less jelly, because I want more water or juice ... i was so thirsty since the early morning as ran among the labs and between the lectures ..

It seems we ordered a lot ..but I think still fine.. and it costed around RM 100++ , 7 people ... but paid by 6 poor students.. hahahahahha .... but my supervisor satisfied ( i guess ) ...

Foods recommendation :
personally bias to ikan pari .. so I would say that is good .. haha.. I took 1 pcs+ XD

others are just fine ... but the chilli sauce is nice.. & my coursemate said I took budu ( i thought is a kind of chilli sauces too , as budu in my perception is color like soy sauce ) , but that tastes nice too ...

I think we were quite late , so basically other dishes were finished , not much choices left .. in fact, I only recalled that I took ikan pari, sotong, taufu and vege, and shared mihun goreng somemore, i think i ate too much .. hahaha ...

it seems like my hair really messy =(  
saya akan berusaha "melawakan" diriku ... muahahahahah

 lunch meeting 

jiang jiang i like this ~ ! group photo
  but my coursemate was the photographer .. she was not in ..

& we still have balance.. lalala.. we passed to our lecturer for his petrol & driver fees :X ...

(thanks & appreciated for the photos from my coursemate, aziah)

Now you feel so greenish for the post right ? hahahha .... 


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