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Monday, February 21, 2011

A busy week starts, perhaps ?

a coursemate of mine reminded me this is the last week of February 2011.. omg .. we keep countdowning the days !! NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The week starts with a killing mid sem paper - DIEt therapy .... i'm studying about OBESITY, weight control management, LIver, gallbladder, pancreas, diet planning, cancer and nutritional therapy & assessment for cancer patients ... wuarrrghhhhh ....................

I feel guilty as I got my bone density check last day where I got negative result for that, thus I started my socalled health diet plan last week where i have to adhere to regular consumption of old fashioned oat, during my dinner, and 2 cups of calcium milk drink daily, reduction of sugary foods, fat foods are totally banned, as well as low carb meals should be adhered to too !

ugh .. hopefully habits can be slightly changed ... & physical activity is a MUST ! but usually fail ..

A medical check up is needed to monitor ! so Wednesday shall go to blood test ... hopefully everything is under control !! & shall have a movie with coursemate, an interesting movie .. i guess .. as i do not really understand too from the trailer ...  

Thursday shall go to the remaining whitening body scrub session which had purchased last day from the voucher deal ..

FRiday is the annual general foodscience dinner yet in the afternoon I'm gonna go for a shop > this .. hehe ! I 've bought the voucher ~~

Saturday ! the gathering of secondary schoolmates ~~ hopefully can make it .... I think I missed a lots of gatherings this year .. uhmmm ...

I think it is not simply a busy week .. may be more busy than I can magine ..


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