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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The power of survival

I read a blog directed from Facebook about a blogger who has cancer, she blogged about her journey battling cancer, and then from there I was directed to one of the blogs she followed ... The intention of the link in the FB is she needs fund for her treatment, she is 18 y/o and had her SPM last year.

I didn't read all the blog contents. I feel painful when I saw the words ... The very 1st time I approach this type of blog content, it's not a medical officer blogs about medical research/information .. it's a cancer patient blogs about the scientific terms, medical devices, drugs used and therapies she has to face, physically and mentally pain. I won't say it is suffer or torturous process .. it's just pain, maybe as lightly as a needle pain, yet from the deepest within . But she lives strongly ..

Live in uncertainties .. feel thankful to be able to awake in the next morning ... I feel life is powerful .


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