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Friday, May 6, 2011

BuhbYe ? h♥LLo ~~

04/05/2011 4.10PM

I'd done with my viva ~ yahHhhUuuuuuuuu .... ( it's my turn to shout this out )

I used to be the 1st person in the 1st day to present ,but this time i ended up be the last person in my group to present ....

where I'd been tired to practice until I lost the ohm to fight until the last .... in the end, I presented  with my free style instead of the long script I'd practiced so long.... muahahaha

and what I did before my turn ??
 chit chat with lovely prof 
 Capturing around.....


souvenirs from senior , From Tawau ~ my birth place ..

with the so-called lil bro ... he also wanted to take photo with our dad's door.. lolz
 promoter .. lols


and then, my examiner came out from his room ... ( he did not know I know he is my examiner but my pa has told me last week =X )

and said: hey .. you don't have to present later la, you confirm get A...  ( lolssss ~~~~ )

I: cannot lidat one prof .... we cannot mix up personal and academic ... I want to build up my confidence here before I get out from ukm .....

prof : okla... later you present well ....

Then we entered the lab again to wait ...

and he wanted to take photo with me again .. hahhaha ( becaue he said he wear very handsome on the day )
DONE viva ~~~~~~ 
 take 1

take 2
 but not so satisfy .... the next day I returned again .. haha

after being freed .... it's time to enjoy ..


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