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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


just finish this korea drama .. wat da ... aaaihh .. it is quite touching too , but tis is the 2nd korea drama tat i watched which the endin is the main characters died ... /omg .. haizz .. i think this is the different between tw , kr , n hk drama .. hk usually 皆大欢喜收场 , tw 童话,梦幻 , kr 悲惨 , but kr drama better than tw drama coz tw owez talk about rich , handsome .. perfect man with lousy gal o poor gal o perfect gal.. ngiau .. whr got so much such things happened in this world la pls .. korea more reality but wat i hate is they tied by their tradition .. 爱得那么悲惨 .. n finally die together .. hmm ...


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