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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

human in the text

i think , human r most real in their text , they jz write watever in text , some ppl would write a diary , some write blog like me now , some through sms , some through email , but the main point is the content inside would represented their feelin at certain moment . im just posted comments to my frens . frens , i never know wat is tat . i don have fren , i never expect to have as much as i could . true fren , honest , sincere frens never stay 4ever with u . u never know when they appear , n u never can predict when they betray u . but , even jz a regular or strangers who reading this , they will be the1 who can know u overall . even a fren u tot u sacrifice n think for them so much at all the time , they never know , moreover , they took tat for granted , wat a pity stories behind . i never regret treat my frens so ,once i realized from it , i started awake n give up all da things n stopped my stupid actions . i never ask for rewards but i don even wish for the bad things u paid too ..


started dizzy .. duno wat to continue .. gambateh my frens ~ today paper .. i jz can said nv expect too many .. coz the more u expect the more u might be dissapointed .. i owez wan to be humble , coz arrogant made me dispointed more .. jz be as humble as u can .. u humble , once u success all ppl shocked , better than u brag , but at the end u lost , u become SUch a Big stupid jokes for other rest of ur life .. but , as humble as i would like to be , the more ppl said im fake .. well ~ up to them , coz ppl like those ..  our world is different .. no care no pain ^^ thr must be ppl who purposely make u sad , but at the other hand , thr r ppl who make u happy .. some ppl in the middle , would be ur listeners ... im in the middle ~ but i got frens who middle than me :p fainted --===----


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