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Sunday, May 14, 2006


arGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jz finish arrange all da bookSSsssSS like a mountain which i have to digest n COPY in my hdd this week ... im so suffer ler :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ lot of ppl seem put hope on me ...but im not as good as they expected . i stress not coz i will make them dissapointed , but jz some kind of feelin tat im doin things that no ending .. endless jobs errrhhh ..... when will i released ?? i doubted it . some ppl would said nobody can force u to do anything , but sometime , 身不由己 .. maybe im stubborn too .. but life is full of hopes , atleast work for it before give it up .. i nv act like how the ppl misunderstood me , jz to do my best , i treat with sincere , jz hopin other treat me as usual , not as good like i how i treat them , one thing is jz , don treat me which i nv treat other .. supports r required now , big big useful n effective spirit supporter .......... sarangheiyorr ~ annyeong-hi gaseyo


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