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Saturday, May 13, 2006

may it comes true ?

sigh .. recently i watched a drama again .. erm .. not a oso .. few ler .. not bad ler .. maybe im too naive .. but they r good dramas ..i like it very much .. so realistic .. but sometimes i doubted nowadays still have fairy tales like tat .. in my life ,so far , they were all lies ... jz wonder nowadays wat r human thinkin. sometimes they give ppl hopes , but then they took it away .. wat for .. we received easily , but then to give back, it is quite hard ok .. it doest mean we shud sacrifice without hopin any rewards , o we shud ask for any rewards , but i sacrifice  , i nv ask for anything , nv hope for anything good back to me, but pls , never ever , paid me back with hurts .. if that was what i deserved or get back , i hope i'll never give out anything


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