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Sunday, May 14, 2006

starting point

tml is monday again .. aIhhhHHHH !!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~ n lower is coming , a bit excited to see who is coming , but oso feelin pity for them , last yr tml is the day i started suffer , hope thsoe of them who coming tml wont be like me .. exam is coming soon , i study my dramasSss very hard , jz keep dreaming in the drama .. when will the day is comin . tired of study , but if dont study wat else can i do .. im so wondering the future days but im afraid of it coz i know it will be more tough than now .. but now reli have many things tie on me !!!!!!!!! i wan to go somewhere nobody knows me , i wan a new life , new environment , new friends .. aRgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jI Hoon , u r so charm , in the character only .. when i would meet a real person like him n her .. saranghei


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