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Sunday, May 28, 2006

^ my classmates ^

yeah , they r my classmates , some r now still , some r ex , just havin few night's gathering , some gonna back kl , some r coming back ~ quite a lot from us , although still incomplete in member ,.. lol however , still havin fun in it . unrealizeable , we had graduated for 1 and half year , a lot changes of all of us .. memories b4 r still , time could not back , but we could think it back .. i still rmbed when we talked in pasar about scences happened in our lot 5 scn .. lol ~ some of us went in aus , some in spore , some juz back kl , some at kl so far neva back , some in kk .. it is true our gathering is getting less ppl frm time to time .. haha .. the best friends of group neva appear , but new groups r created .. many things changed , it might be can recover someday , but thr is one thing , i think it will neva return to its original places ~ 5 mths to go .. sometimes wanna get out from here immediately , but once i leave , i think it is reli neva return .. i so miss u guys who leave today , n oso the ppl who back yesterday .. erm ..not one , is 2 ppl .. hehe .. arGH!!! i hope i could stand n fight until 7dec2oo6 ... stress niaa .. sien aa ...


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