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Saturday, May 13, 2006


last9 went to a fren's birthday party in a club .. quite many ppl m a bit crowded . although tat was a pub , but didnt have any clubbin feeling .. duno y .. they were happy , enjoy , some i saw them enjoyin , some feelin sien . recently i boring with clubbin lifestyle .. i damn wonder those ppl inside clubs , wat were their expectation at thr . happy ? excited ? relax ? no idea , coz i duno y last time i was them too .. gettin dizzy today , started thinkin , if next year yesterday , same event still happen o not .. since all of us getting separate soon .. sometimes waitin the day comes faster , sometimes hoping certain moment jz stopped thr .. i feel lack of something .. maybe feelin , maybe frens , maybe my mood , maybe some ppl .. however ,  nv look back , lookin forward ^^ learn to let it go easy


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