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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hi May !

I am spending lesser and lesser on my blog , as my working time & sleeping time have 80% occupied me ! I work from 9am to 6pm + , Monday to Friday , another half of a weekend would spend on my weekly report .

My last post was on 20 April 2012. My last outing with friends was 27 April, where I went pasar malam with a friend of mine at Leisure Mall, explored his room, his new dog and be the "photoshooting crew" in midnight . My last shopping day was ...... before CNY 2012.  GOSH !!!!!!!!!!

Monthly installment of car loan and fixed car maintenance period are definitely TIED my $$ up ! I don't spend lesser ; I don't earn much compared I owned my car . So I have survived " so well " March. And I was quite salute myself whom survived perfectly during the whole April, as the pay for March and April were dragged, while I survived with RM 100 for 2 weeks =) .

So this May, I could now forecast the last 2 weeks of May would be another miserable period. There is mother's day; time to service my car; medical check up ( oh ya ... been MC on this week Monday - claimable , but already went clinic before that on last Saturday - unclaimable =.=" , so remember never fall sick before/during weekend ) ; tint my car ; prepare for insurance and new mobile :-( .

This is another tired and lonely Thursday , I used to love Thursday because tomorrow will be TGIF , but before TGIF , this night is always ... OMGIT ( Oh my god it's thursday > Oh my god , it's my lonely night ) .

Today is very busy ... went to Semenyih , KL, Cheras and Puchong ( oh hell , this place always jam like there is no tomorrow ) . I was supposed to chill in Puchong after work but last minute I need to be back to office due to emergency issue ... aihz ..........

I was also supposed to attend to a music performance in my ex-Uni .... but I am blogging now .
I was planning to go facial as well if the above two are not proceed, but the time I left my office , it was 6pm++ .

All my plans tonight spoil .... ughh ...

Yesterday was supposed another best day of mine in 2012, but again , it was a normal day , my friend said because I did not pay enough to Joey so it was not too indicative ... lol ...

So , there will be another bad day in May , which my last one I got severe abdominal pain .

I am sleepy ... Done & Bye !


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