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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chill Sunday ~

I can't wait for the arrival of this week ^^ the pay day week =D ! Have been 99% surviving toughly in this week ... So I am blogging in this cool sunday at home ...

1st time gathered in 2012 with another dear coursemate of mine last night in Puchong . The last gathering with another girl was last 2 weeks in SgWang . We have to gather separately or 1 to 1 nowadays and this makes us missing the others who absent at time .. sob sob ..

May is another money-spending month . Knocked out during very early of the month and in debt now ... :~

Have been quiet for some time with alcohol but was back since these weekdays and a lesson learnt was - whenever you meet with your used to hang out gang members at places you used to be there , never hide or else you will get punishment badly when caught. ( I have confessed my guilty here, can I go home after 1 pint tonight my dearie boss *please* ?? ) 

Hopefully can get to work tomorrow .. =p !


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