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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bad day 2012

Okay , this is my forecast bad day for 2012 based on my BaZi . On 2nd March , nothing specially good happened . So the bad thing  did happened today , it did .

I have sharp and intense abdominal pain at left side since 2 pm ... and I drive at 1xxkm/j all the way from KESAS back to balakong columbia hospital. The 1st time I feel Shah Alam is so far from my office T__T . I went to 2 doctors since last friday and last night, I am still have the same pain today =,= ...  lastly I went to ultrasound scanning, ended up nothing happen on my kidneys and ovaries =.=" but thank you doctor for giving me bloody charges on this . This month , next month and next next month will be NO entertainment expenses & eat breads only instead of nasi lemak .

so what is the problem ? aihz ......... this young guy doctor seems has no idea, and he even checked on his " drug bible" to see what medicine he can prescribes to me ( omg .... this makes me directly recalls on the recent HK drama " on call 36 "  )  ....  the newbies ... I'm so sorry to say this .. but .. young doctor you really scared me @.@


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