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Sunday, February 26, 2012

ouch ! March is attacking .

It's going to enter March , seems so fast yet so slow . Alright , February seems too dramatic & I let it go .

I got my car yesterday .... Happy and next month I'm gonna pay for 1st installment, unhappy .

I have been talking to a lot of people regarding my job, I should go , but I am still there. I would say I love everything except the pay. People said wealth will come later and I agreed , just like how some of them said handsome man will become old one day and poor guy will rich one day .. lolx ......... But a friend of mine did ever said , good pay and work load could come together ; good and wealthy man could exist ...LOL !

Patience is what I should do now, I am very sure of it. God ... can you give me some hints anyway ?

I and my colleague so desperate to get salary since Jan , because we want to buy iPhone ... This month, my colleague still desperate to buy the phone, but now my iPhone's budget is totally forfeited T____________T !!!

Can I get lottery or lucky draw for an
 ? I am really depressed without iPhone .... iphonism =(


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