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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


if you got what I mean, that's good.

I am very exhausted recently, mentally ..  This is another busy yet dont know busy for what week .. omg ! it's Oct already , I feel the tension .

Yet my mind is full of outing plans only.... tomorrow is having steamboat, thurs will have belated bday celebration , friday is get ready to go facial . Next week is to visit expo and go for Isetan sales.

Money money money ............ I want you badly !

I attended a dinner organized by Nirvana Multi Asia , there was a talk show, hosted by father of my friend, called Wong Si Fu, at old klang road.

The show was funny, you never realized, until you go once to the dinner show . It's worth to listen, for you or for your parents.

I can't explain my feelings after I went it, although I've know parts of the show , yet I still feel touching and it is real happen in our daily life but we never take care of it.

haizz.. I am really tired.. I hope tomorrow is public holiday ... I wish the sales figure keeps growing ...


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