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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tired ... Hang ...

busy busy busy ? It has been so long I did not have a good rest Saturday ...... Supposed to depart to business trip by tomorrow but oh yeah... it is cancelled .

Seeing the juniors are busy with thesis proposal .. I still able to recall back the old time.. yeah .. as busy as they are right now... yet it was funny time .. How amazing and incredible, I survived =p .....  And the 3rd year students are going to have HACCP .. lolz ......... great time ... meanwhile, mid sem is coming . .wow ..  I hate midsem .. xP..........

It's another week coming .. and I am broke .. bought a lot of skincares and cosmestic during the Beauty 11 expo , klcc ...
 I actually bought Office cosmestic - liquid foundation, lip essence and lip gloss - FREE gift curling tong
and a stem cell face cream FREE cleanser

the rest are free gifts =)

And finally I got my CNY ticket.. phiewss ~


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