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Sunday, October 9, 2011

©Last special dedication ♥

finally I have time back to here, edit & edit all the photos and put them in a  © video, from the 1st time we built the friendship ,with lecturer, seniors, coursemates, groupmates etc... until we all graduated from the university T_T.  Think for the best & suitable background music for very very long time to match with the content . Tried to upload youtube but failed.

And the file is big, preview edition here xP ~  no time to show to my ex-supervisor although met few times since last week .. hahaha ...

Thanks A Billion Dr. ! 

In fact, I need to make a proof to redeem my gift in future.. lolz ...... 

Another busy week is coming ..  October is a busy month .... I need some free time please ......

steamboat at Yuen with "seniors" =)


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