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Monday, May 27, 2013

Closing, closer , closed

Tomorrow is the sales closing date, up to date, this month I'm gonna eat grass , there is a very big gap to hit , and obviously there is no way or hope to ask for miracle to happen .

1st time I rushed 2 challenging workplaces in 1 day . 1st in damansara , well-known that the customers not to see any salepersons. Desperately , I waited for 2 hours and managed to see 3 key customers and 1 average customer eventually . The only set back was I did not manage to meet the one who really put in order for me .

Struggled where to go in the evening, to go far , or to go to the nearest of my house ... in the end I went to the one who I hope that atleast may give me another RM 8k .. Unfortunately again, the purchasers all not in .
But then, God has compensated me that I managed to grab3 key customers and finally I persuaded one of the important one to keep my product from 3rd line to 2nd line , because he said I am hardworking :D !
 Stayed till 6pm ++  ... wtf .. lolz ... and managed to get him out for lunch next week ! yippiee ...

Surprisingly, another customer is on call this week and he will stay back late the whole week ... and manage to have a free drink from him ... hahaha ! not too bad ... although no sales in the end of the day , at least , a free drink and dinner have compensated my disappointment ..

I strongly believe that when we fall at one place, there will be another place that we manage to get up and recover . I think , people called this as " Power of positive " .

I couldn't remember how many restless nights I had since last week .. perhaps keep myself busy would help me rest better . 

There are many obstacles coming in the job, confusions, lost , passion etc ... I hope I cope well ... doing well  ...I need listener ... not only reader ..


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