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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hair-do @ IP Saloon, Leisure Mall

Ok , I am 1 of the 31 buyers of this deal .

As I mentioned in previous post, I supposed to go on Friday but I went on Sat morning, about 10.30am . And later about 12pm , there were quite many customers as well .. my friend's sister used to be here and I am long time ago would like to try their another outlet in Sgwang which has good reputation on doing rebonding (La Belle sg wang . There is another branch in sgwang call IP too.) .  But I have been with permed hair for last 5 years .. lolz ...

They provided ipad ( limited quantity) for customers .. so I was pps and fb during the whole process ... It was done at 2pm+ , overall it took me 3 hours + for coloring , cut , wash , blow and a hair treatment (10min) , using loreal hair spa treatment ( top up RM38 , or they initially actually offered shiseido treatment at RM50 ( ori RM90) ). You can choose not to be persuaded by them to top up for any treatment if you confident with your own hair condition , I think their technique and product are good .

My hair is just so dead as they have been perm and perm and dyed for atleast 3 times ... RM 38 is reasonable for loreal spa treatment (I assumed they really put on the exact product). Worth to spend .

The girl, hair stylist recommended me dark ash brown color , because my hair is actually from copper & here > gt; gold > this > red > brown > mixtures of the formers ..... So I get a color that is able to mask all that color .. Also , a color that makes me look "professional" , rather than typical IT girl hair =p
Got hair cut as well , from waist length to middle length now ... T_T .. and with fringe =) ... Since I get to work I seldom keep fringe .. This look is just exactly the same when I was 17.. until 20 .... now I back to the same look .. mentally feel so weird .. although I always think I am still 17 ..

The outcome is nice and satisfied ,and my dead hair did not look too bad , smooth , perhaps due to the spending of RM 38 .. Environment, people and products, overall are good ... expected result ... would rate them 4/5 .. Their rebonding service is RM219 ( Italy brand) / RM 269 (Loreal) .. because I am interested to do rebonding here .. but is the price really reasonable ? I forgot to ask whetehr treatment is included.

I still adapting myself with this hair style .... sob sob ....

Check out the outcome after 2 months + here  .

If you are staying nearby Cheras/ Taman Segar  , here is another salon I  would recommended  > Check here . As I mentioned , the lady boss would give you special package @ RM 130 ( any chemical treatment + cut + wash + treatment + blow ) , which I think reasonable .

Before I redeemed the later Groupon, I was actually redeemed another deal from Multi Beauty ( Kuchai Lama outlet ) in end of Sept for coloring ( from livingsocial, I bought 1 voucher only )  & relaxing ( top up RM 68 ) . That was my return visit since 1st visit in June ( from ilovediscount ) .

I would never return to it anymore due to the 2nd time visit . They have changed the stylist staffs/team ( as I expected since 1st visit )  and the guy who take care of my hair was not professional . I expected to top up RM 68 for relaxing but ended up it was sucks ...

Guess my CNY hair would going back to Hair now at Taman Segar or if there is any new upcoming deals to grab :)


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