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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gathering is my style !

Gangnam style is so HIT and I can't stop myself from sharing it once a day .. lolz !

4 days of holiday and I tried to make myself busy .... shopping , drinking , talking !

Had great gathering with my hometown friends last Sat for birthday celebration and had fun K session till 5AM ~~~well ... It is proven that I am still young ~~~ muahaha XD

I looked so tired 
couldn't remember when is the last gathering of us

Neway SS2 ..2nd visit midnight session ...   
room is big ~ 2 partitions : 1 for wii game & desktop and the other is

I need to buy a working heel , a sandal and a red short pant during this holiday sales , but I managed to get the 1st wishlist-item only .. I would say the economic is good indeed due to festival because I got the right sandal but no stock and right pant but not my size  ....

 I just saw BIG updated the opening soon Plan. B in Mid valley couple weeks ago and it is operating already...
gather with my juniors today
The brownie here is better ;)
this is my relaxing holiday ....... and tomorrow is working day .. sigh ...


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