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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I ♥ Nai Cha ~

23 Sept 2011
Wong Kok , Leisure Mall 

okay ... finally I went to enjoy the BIG milk tea from Wong Kok char chan teng , cheras leisure mall .. and 3 friends .. lolz ~ & celebrate my coming "getting older"-day .. thx bosses ~

There are 2 choices, 1-4 pax / 5-6pax, and you can only enjoy it with minimum spend RM30 , valid for 3 days before or after your birthday =D . Since we have 4 pax, we get the small one, which is really small .. and I would like to complain, because of their management. When the guy A delivered the free milk tea, we complained the volume was not same as displayed ( don't explain as illustration only , stupid == ) , then this guy A said can refill later on ( we double confirmed : CAN REFILL ? A: ya .. ) ... okay , because another 2 friends of us were on their way coming.

When the 2 friends reached, we moved to the bigger table, and asked another guy B to refill, then the guy C came and said no refill.  He insisted no refill and we double confirmed : NO REFILL ? C : ya refill ..

Well , initially I want to email the complain to their management, but I decided to put here. haiz... I don't care whether they refill or not , but I don't like to be fooled >< !

that's all for the story .

good capture .. haha
retake many times.. :X actually quite heavy ..

And accidentally , I met a guy who I met him for 1st time during afternoon, in the place he works , at Jalan Sultan, for 15-20 minutes only. When I walked into Wong Kok , this guy N greet with me, a second before , I heard his friend asked : you know her/him? I thought they were observing others (in fitness first) .... but the guy N talked to me ... omg ... in fact I cant recall who is that .. hahah ... and ... I feel shocked ... I wish to talk for a while.. but... seems too busy for 2 of us .. lol 

too many stories happened in a day .. & I found that I like gay so much ........... wuahahaha ! XD
ji mui ~


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