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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back to UKM, I'm not belong to it anymore.

So many things happened in this week . Monday is the 24th year of mine, my undergrad's convo; today I returned to faculty again. Met lab assistants, seniors who still doing lab as usual , everything back to normal. But I am not belong to that place anymore.

Talked with ex-supervisor for hours. Many story-tellings ... and a little bit surprising ... unbelieveable .. but .. expectable indeed? lolz........

From student-lecturer, mentor-mentee, supervisee-supervisor , to client-customer cum good friend, how amazing is it ?? haha ...

We always wonder how is actually a lecturer's life would be. Sitting in personal room, you don't meet your collegue like a normal office lady or guy . Everybody has own schedule, and one thing , they do not lunch together with their colleagues, that you rarely seen if you work in industry =)...

So I happened to ask my ex-sv once, who he usually lunch with, and he said his suppliers. Suppliers ???? I was very confuse .. what kind of suppliers ...  But now , I got the answer  ... I am one of his suppliers.. muahahahahha

It's good to back to school.. the best , most harmony and peace environment ever. The most kind and friendly seniors and juniors are all there ........ I met Khai Lun ! still working very hard and very busy as demo.. and the workloads are getting more and more.. hahahah ... Is this the people used to say , before you success you gonna work "harD" ..  alright .. future Dr. Ong .. gambateh !

In another lab, not much of people, the lab still the same, under period of repair, lightless.. senior works in the dark room , peacefully . Still recall last year same time, people were competiting the apparatus and equipments ... work place is limited .. Now, it is peace. Yet it gains some loneliness ... and this drives them work faster to graduate from there .

Leaving late for the next appointment .. omg .. I've started  experience the "contented" working life. Meeting people and talked a lot =) ... driving alone, meeting stranger alone .. Independent ? I doubt how long can I HOLD...

I hope I am doing better and better ... I feel so lucky because people around me are supportive and willing to help me . Last but not least, encouragement from all people are so warm :D !  I still enjoying in my convo-week .... so sweeettt ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ of course I have not get my convo gift from my ex-sv yet ... where he said still " in his mind " .. I said dont have to think too much , please just turn into CASH! hahaha ..

The day after we graduated, all of us wish to marry rich man. In fact, the desire is not that significant but once we were not student anymore, this becomes our ambition because we don't get any pamper from anyone anymore. The senior said it has nothing wrong to think that way,  the world is fair, you pay what you get, you get what you pay. The lecturer said now your realized the ending, and directly jump to the last outcome, which the in between hurdles included build up career, property, investment etc ... are being removed.

But things never come so smoothly .. this is the real life .

Enjoy and passionate in the current life, people and environment .


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