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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am graduating & the same day I'm getting older

Tomorrow is a double happiness day of mine because my convocation ceremony falls on the same day I was born 24 years ago .

Last year same time, I feel so touched when I saw all the seniors came out from the hall .. T_____T

It sounds so fast , 4 years passed. But it was so tough in the process .... And my day is tomorrow.

I am a bit upset because this might be the day that all of us may gather together , sit together, talk and laugh out loud .

A year after tomorrow , is another batch graduating, and that time I will say the same things which seniors said to me for my tomorrow.

I want to be student forever because that is the best time.

When you leave, you are an official mature adult in the society, you have to behave and responsible for whatever you do. 
  • You cannot mad and frustrated towards your boss, you can't escape from ur working day but you can escape the lectures by asking your friend to take your attendance. 
  • You can copy paste your assignment and report but you cannot copy paste or bluff you sales report/QC reports to your boss.
  • When you sick, you still have to work unless you go into ICU; but when you cannot wake up due to late sleep you can tell your lecturer you are fever and couldn't wake up from bed. No MC, no pay being deducted. 
  • If your result no good, you can ask your seniors or lecturers to teach you; if you don't know how to work , your boss will scream at you and in fact you salary included everything you know or you don't know but you have to know .....
  • You can pampered by you seniors and lecturers because you paid them; but your boss pays you , you don't have to pamper him, and just thank god if he never scold you .
  • You can always complain all the staffs and lecturers but never complain in your office 
okay ..... please forget all the examples and references above ... Welcome to my convo tomorrow at 12pm =) .... please tell me your name if you see uncertainty from my eyes ... hahhaha ... that might be the last time you would see me in real and talk to me :D ~~ chEErs .....

Please photoshop all the pictures if I don't look nice or please take my best angle of the photo , before you spread anywhere ....



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