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Friday, September 2, 2011

everyday I'm shufflin'

Met up with a group of "future" food scientists yesterday .. had good singing time ... back to " 80's " ( lolz .. I just realized what was it about when I re-read the sms ) ... oh no .... I know SNSD only de ... muahahhahaha ...

a lot of funny things and topics ... that's why the post title is " I'm shufflin " ....
the "80's" song came and suddenly being cut .. due to "this special session" .. 
we were stunned a second as well  ..
enjoy getting older babe

I like the editing ~

blur jor
 I always thought they are twins ...
 now she replaced it.
 lepak time ... I went to snowflake again .. in midvalley .. again .. lolz 
 waited for it beeps

good lighting

I want to complain .. QC  failed !

further lepak  ... at mcD .. lolz ... 
this is how students spent time efficiently

wow ~ I like the camera .. hahaha .. because I went facial a day before and had light make up ... but still able to conceal .. phiews  ~



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