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Sunday, April 1, 2007

msia gov [ msia edu gov ] again

just checked out the forum , seeing my classmates arguing bout the cocum marks.. sounds like reli not satisfy .. but then wat can we do ?? haiz... fair ? not fair ? i think the horse man's eye there is nothing is unfair . it is very fair for wat they did to us ...  im not reli sure whether the pk coco did unfair bout the marks , but it was obviously very 'fake' the marks .. i duno my mark is reli deserved .. maybe i can get higher ,now oso not bad , just feel that other ppl who worked mroe than but the mark still same like me  ,wat was the point for them work for so hard ?it was sux ... then for those who reli did less .. n oso same marks .. wat the ... but its ok for me .. as long as i get high mark wat .. again this sensitive issue happened again but it seems nobody wans to concern to it ... especially those party which owez said detect for chinese .. shit man .. justice ??? sorry i never belif there is justice but only politic , money n power .. sighh..... my heart was pain seeing this worse n worse system


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