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Wednesday, April 4, 2007


just realized i didnt share my result n my life recently ... well .. i got the result finally .. erm.. 4got when alr .. a day in march 2007 .. so ..not too good not too bad ,but to enter local Uni's pharm , it was sux .. very terrible result .. duno rank to whr alr ...


hmmm... now just waiting for the offer letter from local U .. i have no idea which i will get coz it is reli competitve .. haiz.. i duno my luck ..the1 i wan i cant never get [ unless miracle happened lor , but if it does , i scare i duno will chopped by how many 4flat / 3.92 /3.84 students neh ] ..


if i got 2nd choice , don reli know wanna go for it o not .. maybe for some ppl they r passion to go but i still feel insecure lor .. cuz it is nt a profesional course.. 3rd choice ? hai .. even worse than 2nd choice ler ... if reli get 3rd choice .. ARGH !!!!!!!!!!! so confusing :~~~ wat shud i do ??


if get nth ?? lol .. its reli my luck to go to private .. but then i duno which private U to choose again .. omg .. reli a lots of factors influencin me yerrrrrrrrr


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