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Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Mother's day

It is not easy to be a mother. Some of them never be ready to be a mother, some are well planned, some may trying hard to be a mother.

Husband who does not take good care of the wife is irresponsible. Pregnancy is tough and they never understand. But god gives this challenge to women. A good husband does not mean to fulfill financial support only but also mental especially a new member is coming to the family.

They said boys tend to love their mothers more than girls do because of opposite sex. Therefore, boys always have their mum in their 1st place before the gf or wife, and vice versa. So they always compared the mother with the gf. And the girl compared the boy with her father.

It seems that a very very long time I have isolated myself from the society.

Thing seems to be returned to where I used to be. The lone day and lone weekend, it just me that have not get used to it.

I just hate the feeling being abandoned. And I like you to please me back, every single time. Unfortunately, you never know your mistakes and you just ignore it.


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