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Sunday, May 11, 2014

I live my way (3)_Taiwan Ni Hao March 2014_Day 1

Day1 - Upon arrival, immediate transfer to Tai Chung. 

A quick lunch was provided. Not really good but the most convenient lunch stop along the journey.

 Afternoon itinenary :
Visited to 新社庄园
The trip supposed was to 清境农场 but due to weather, it was replaced to the trip below and stayed at Tai Chung.

 Try to be 千颂伊

 Get the voucher when you purchased the entrance fee. Need top up.
Chill temperature with hot coffee is best match.

 NTD 250

 Sing K in the bus, the whole journey is not boring.

As recommended in many tour book, taro ball ice
Transferred to guest house in 台中 一中街 . Check my 1st post for accommodation details. We have 8 rooms altogether. Email/pm for details. The owner is my friend indeed and our tour coach surf.


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