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Sunday, May 4, 2014

I live my way (3)_Taiwan Ni Hao March 2014_Preview

I better update this before the next I♡HK trip is coming #meh

15-22 March 2014

I touched down at Tao Yuan IA and transferred by bus to Taichung immediately before I back to Taipei.

The itinerary was arranged by a friend who is from KK but stayed quite some time in Taiwan, Taipei and recently moved to TaiChung for self homestay business.

I called him 地陪 instead of tour guide because he just accompanied us in Tai Chung. Not really as a tour guide.

My accommodation and transport in Tai Chung were all arranged by him. 1 pax is about RM 600 for 7D6N. 

Coach bus only in Tai Chung for 2 days (18pax):
> transfer from Tao Yuan airport to Tai Chung, 
> Tai Chung ground tour (九分十分 1 day , 九族文化村 x 1day ), 
> Tai Chung to Taipei & 
> Taipei to Airport on last day.

Day 1- 台中小牛先生的家 . Click for their website or their FB here

Day 2 - 逢甲BOX

Day 3 - 宜兰天池温泉会馆

Day4>7 - 台北清翼居

We supposed to stay at 清境农场 on 1st night but the fog was too heavy and not recommended to stay there. Wasted! 

The guest houses are clean, only set back was for Tai Chung, they do not have lift and you gonna carry your luggage all the way up and down, really #omg.
Day 3 accommodation was the most awesome ! Check out the photos in the coming post :p. The hot spring was great as well.. NTD 200 only for all access !!! Cheaper than you do any spa in Malaysia.

More to come, hopefully I can complete this blog before I am leaving to next station.

Thanks for reading, love~

p/s: I am looking for partner to Bangkok, 28/11/14-1/12/14 or 10/12/14 - 14/12/14. Let me know :D!

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