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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Should I ?

My customer suddenly need to have appointment on next Monday ,which is public holiday .

Initially that is my working day because my ang mo boss is in Msia and we need to have a meeting , fortunately ... he is kind enough to release us . But now, it seems I'm destined to work on Monday .. sigh ... Should I ask my boss to give me 1 day replacement .. sob sob .T_T ... so regret to agree the appointment .......

ngor 5 zai arrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Current condition is not really good because I feel drowsy ...

Quite a few friends have the same problems recently, except be your best listener and companion, I can't really comment anything , because your all are who I know for so long. We always hope things go well but some thing involved only certain people , we as the outsiders never qualified to give one or two words. When things have to be committed, only people who can accept the rules can play the game . Or , s/he is not the right player since there is no commitment in his/her dictionary , at least from the time I know these people, no strings attached is our rule...

I feel sorry to know because to build a relationship isn't easy , yet it is just so fragile . & I have to stand at one's side because they always come to you, the last person they asked for help, is the one who most reliable to them.

Perhaps no happy ending, perhaps some people gonna get hurt, I'm not sure are you telling the true that you are really happier, yet since you confessed and committed, and what you want from me is only trust, don't question and support like I always do, then I do.

Cheers all dear !


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