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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I ♥ challenge !

Today, finally, had the sales meeting with the big bosses... OMG !!!!!!!!!!!! ok .. I am still alive , but not in good condition ...

Sale sale sale.. why sale is not coming in ? I'm paying you not for you to learn here but to do sales ...


well my bosses did not say all above yet ... more or less in better sentence ... As boss, no one likes to listen : " boss .. I can;t do that ; boss .. that's not working ; .... "

They will force you to commit .. alright , I can't commit and I told them honestly :-x .... But I will keep it up because ... passion still here.

Profit ... revenue .. potential ... all these ... I don't know ... but they are all MONEY !  When I try so hard to sell some products and the profit margin is so little.. and when convert to Euro dollar... from about few cents ... to my boss, we earn not even more than half a buck .. lolz ..........


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