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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Half of August 2011

Honestly, the post entry is getting lesser since I work. Actually, except working, tiredness, and nothing special happened in my life, I don't know what else to share. Yes, working is tired. 9am to 6pm , Monday to Friday ( thank god, I got my dream job ( atleast it fulfilled one of the criteria , no working on SATURDAY ! ) Anyway, the life is so far so good.

The job may sounds challenging, as everybody is asking me, can you handle to stress as a salesperson ?

No,  I don't like stress at all . But so far, this stress has not come yet . Let's see how long can I survive.

As a salesperson, of course there is stress, yet which job does not have stress ? Please call me and I want that job.

Therefore, the way to face this reality is, just go . Stress or stress-less, life goes on .

I may post another entry about the jobs that a food science graduate may go to, in fact , there are a lots of jobs ( like the one I'm currently doing )  we never know that we may explore , ( instead of production , qc , qa , r&d, nutritionist ) , when we were students. 

Big boss from germany is reaching by tomorrow .. yet Friday is going to be a very busy day , principal training, lunch with presenters and boss , dinner .... a busy day to be ...



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