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Sunday, January 4, 2015

I am here, 2015.

Just realized I have been so busy until the last post was 16 Sept 2014.

2014 was a challenging period yet I am now in 2015.

The best thing I gained in 2014 is I met him, who inspired me a lot. He can makes me a better person.

A year I became more mature, strong and independent. And I want it more this year.

Something very small did happened between us but turned out positive outcome. I see myself have improved from a childish, irrational girl to a more thoughtful person. I could handle calmly and solve it.

A contented and pampered Thai trip made me think a lot. A great trip that I cannot forget. Unforgettable Christmas 2014.

You give me everything unconditionally and I am blessed to meet you. I want it lasts for forever.

I used to be a tame person. 2015 I want to have even better temper.
And be lovable. Tell me you love me from today. Keep pamper me.


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