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Friday, February 27, 2015

Busy Feb 2015_ASC & Annual dinner

I know many are wondering what is ASC stands for.

ASC = annual sales conference

The yearly kick off meeting, previously used to fall in Jan but to be cost effective, now all in one, kick off +quarter meeting+company trip (no hit go over-the-sea).

My third time in asc ... all at local ....last year supposed to be in Sabah yet changed to Sawarak. Every asc leaves me good memories no matter where because the people matter =D

Took Malindo this time, leg space is bigger and refreshment served. No meals sorry. Entertainment choices provided.

But this flight had turbulent for first half an hour... @@

Upon arrival ! Hey, Shangrila Tangjung Aru !
 Nice weather . 
Our dinner for first night
 Popular spot for garden wedding. A Korean Couple

 DAMN relaxing ! Come and feel it

 Awesome is the only word I can describe. Life is great here.

Meeting day 1

Left exam life after3 years ... what a stressful day.
 dinner time !
very authentic Sabah chiense cuisine .. LOL


Day 1 Selfie
 Day 2 Dinner. Long journey , hill top steamboat .. 
cannot catch the sunset because of tight schedule

 thankiu for de-shell for me.. hahaha

 last day ... enjoy sunset before gala dinner

the pyjama night .. gala dinner 

 selfie is a must lor

Back to PJ and this is the annual dinner -Gastby !
It was black friday. 
My car battery was died after 6 days off function.
went to the house for changing before dinner and the key was spoilt.
really...... omg ..... T_T 
Fortunate enough maintenance office still working and saved my day else nearly broke his house lock !
 fake gatsby .. lol

 central hospital team. All ladies and mummies not available except me, dont ask me again.
But guys are available. Interested can pm me :p

 mummies and mummy-to-be are allowed to sit.
 Gen med MY team
 the central boys from other BU, best lunch partners

The emcee in gala dinner and annual dinner is the same person and he is really fantastic ! Melvin Aeria, if you have not hear about him, FB him now.

Busy Feb ~ to be continue with my CNY15 .. #love XOXO


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