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Thursday, June 5, 2014

I live my way (4)_HK你好野_Preview

Yooo....... I miss Hong Kong badly since my 1st visit in 2011. The foods are just so unforgettable and I just can't wait for this trip.

I was going with my colleagues and we planned it since last year. Well, you should know even your BFF, it's so difficult for your all to go travel locally together. This trip perhaps is our last and only once oversea trip as colleagues.

I am so wanted to return HK because my 1st visit was merely shopping and visited the relatives. Therefore , this trip was purely meant for sightseeing, experience how Hongkie "住 " (means trapped), & EAT, as three of them also never been to there and I "pretended" to be the tour guide.

It is common that Hongkie stay in a very tiny space... we took the opportunity to observe and experience their life, 深水 / Sham Sui Po is one of the places where the population is poorer and they live in trapped living space. To know more , you may click SOCO for more.

And I couldn't have a chance to Macau during 1st visit, for this trip we initially so hesitate to stay in Macau because the hotel is so expensive ( RM400 per night per room ), but in the end we stayed 2D1N because expecting the Gamble king Mr. Ho would treat us the hotel ... LOLX !!

I stayed in Hong Kong per night is about HKD160 ( HKD320 per room , another bigger room is HKD 380 , depends on availability and space ) . It is a guest house owned by a 60+  lady from my home town where all my relatives know, and she married to a Hongkie since long time ago . Check the guest house details from the following post ya.

Return flight of AA is about RM600, hotel in Macau was RM 400 per night. Whole trip expense was RM 3k. I was so hesitated to buy a luxury item but eventually I didn't because my sales figure did not favour. LOLZ else I will buy with no doubt. I spent about RM 800 on skincare, cosmetics and some souvenirs. The rest I spent on eating and transportation.

Opsss..... I guess I have almost 400 photos are uploading.... stay tune :D

Thankiu my colleague's bf, the photographer throughout our trip ! Thumbs up and credit for him.
This is Starbucks in Central and really a nice coffee shop, it's not the normal Starbucks as you see.
Check the post later :)
(was like in the drama, waiting my Mr. right to look for me)
got fuuuuuu ~~~XD
 Helllloooo MongKOK!! Captured during 1st night arrival at HK, just below our guest house. 
Top is during the journey to Macau and the bottom one is before bound for KL wtf ... 
I was expanded .. I know ....but HK is freaking hot okayyy ... 
Recall your physic principle: Heat will cause expansion !
 1st day in Macau ... yuhuuu ... yala the background is boring but just to prove :
Hello people, I've been to Macau !~
 goshhhh... accidentally pump into this shop
义顺牛奶公司 - MUST EAT LAR!  
everyday must have-炖奶 yum yum ~~~~

well.. tired jorr.... many photos still uploading ..... thank you for reading muakzz  ♥ ♥ ~~


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