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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I am 26 and I ♥ it !

hootzzZzz!! I am 26 ........~~~~
I remember last year I was reluctant to turn 25 because that is a great turning point where aging starts !!!

But I am so steady to welcome the arrival of 26 this year and I ♥ it so much. Yeah, I like growing old ~ positively we called "maturity".

26 is a good age to move further to the life climax because this is the best time where we have the peak stamina, passion and persistence.

on 25th, I was informed that this quarter I am not going to hit anyway nomatter how aggressive I am.... but the most focus territories have put in order for me to achieve YTD growth 2013 right before closing on my birthday. This is great achievement.

I was confirmed by the boss yesterday as well and also officially transferred to another more challenging portfolio, effective by next month, after few months exploration in the current industry and area.

These "invisible returns" are absolutely imcompensatable by the incentive that I expected to get, somehow I feel contented. The satisfaction is highly gained. Perhaps I am still new in the industry. And money will come one day eventually.

I had a pretty great so called pre-birthday celebration dinner with a group of single and available gentlemen who are also specialist doctors, aged between 32-4x at Bangsar. And, I feel so embarrassing when they sang a birthday song to me OMG ! Severely pampered and I still flushed when I recall it..... @@

big.. bad.. wolf... hmmm..
 I should be cautious to go with men only at this place... lolz

  The wolf's favorite? lol ...

granted by my favorite dr :D

I have no wish for this year surprisingly, perhaps the wishes since last year never come true...
No expectation, no disappointment :D

Happy birthday Chung Fui Yee !!!!  ♥


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