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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Never be a CHE*P guy

I typed a very long post last night regarding my current job status but ended up Firefox is not responding .. after restore,  all gone =.=" !

Yesterday statistics show quite high hits .. :-/ ....

I have insomnia this morning, since 3am ... I waited the sun rise. Can't dream , can't sleep; hot or stress ?  The last dream I made was about I back to uni ... again ... be the behave student :D !

I'm thinking to change job after a lil small incident .. I wish to stay but reality shows me I cannot. Sigh ! Anybody could help ? Or anyone need employee/pa ? or full time house maid ?

oh .. about house maid , I am a little frustrated
after a quick discussion yesterday with some people. I couldn't accept when guys said they cannot accept that their gf or wife do not house works. Why they tell the thing is like a gf or wife must do house works ? And I remember well how he expressed : Get a wife at home but do not do house work, so what is "her use" ?  d*mn wtf... So are you meaning to say you marry a girl  = wife + maid ? really wtf ...

I pity his gf .

Second topic: Sending flowers.

Another girl friend mentioned she likes to receive flowers . But unfortunately , her bf is a not romantic guy . So she has to HINT obviously to her bf to send her flowers during certain special days . Again a guy said, my gf told me it is burning money .. so I never buy .... wtf ... =,=" !

Hey guys out there, please remember, whenever girls said so , even your mother,  grandmother, it's not burning your money. If you burn money you cannot buy their hearts; if you buy flowers to them, you buy their heart . Can you understand the logic now ? If you should buy flowers for your partner once or twice a year, valentine / birthday / anniversary , it seems the flower does not worth the price compared normal days. But this is not daily practice. Every single flower, the color, the wrapping , the flower species, smell , will make people recall all the times.

GOSH ! I can only conclude that he is a pity guy .

And I am appreciated .. because my BFFs did also sent me flowers ... but a very long long time ago .....


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