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Friday, June 2, 2006


last time , i heard so many ppl said that f6 is a good way , i considered too , ya , not bad . but , tat time just too naive , it is becoz the course n local u which i wan after it . im still in the conjunction n do not hav any idea whr to go after f6 . finally came into f6 too . after the 1st monthly tests , i know how gud m i , how shud i survive in f6 . i nv expect i could get the local u i wan ,with the course i wan ^^ im not surrender , just not to dissapointed too much . n if my attitude such as this could got that , i think i shud guilty , not im not hardworkin , just there r still many many ppl who more more hardworking than me ^^ they r more deserve it . im bio students . i duno how tough is physics students , im not sure how better is their ways when choose course after stpm , but i think bio students tougher .. since many news about bio students could not get dr. so on courses even 4 flat .. it is so dissapointed .. n this is wat i hate in msia edu gov .. i still rmb what my teacher told me , i asked him at 1st , if i got 4 flat , then do i have chance to get my course n the local u i wan ? n his answer is so perfect , he said : there is not only u who get 4 flat , but still many many who more more distinction compared with u. after this , i  neva dream n talk n swear to get 4 flat alr .. haha .. im not give up , but im just ppl who just do my best n never regret . although i wont be the best , but if i did my best , n the result is like tat , i deserved it , then it is the best in myself alr ..

so i would like to say tat , come into f6 or not , make ur decision , work for it , do ur best , no regret . nothing is good nothing is bad in the world , depends how u decorate it . if u fail in f6 , i don think it will judge/fix ur whole life ^^


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